About us

Chad, Larry, and Joe saw a major flaw in the mattress industry:  Customers were paying WAY TO MUCH at the big box retail stores and receiving a less than stellar mattress buying experience. They came together to create Lavish Mattress, a unique brand that has created 3 mattresses to address every person’s comfort demands.   Not only did they create an award winning mattress recommended by many chiropractors, they also found a way to ship the mattress directly to your doorstep in a convenient box.   No more dragging your huge mattress up the stairs and bending it to turn around the corners of your home!  With our factory based out of Sumner, Washington, Lavish Mattress is able to produce up to 1,000 mattresses per day all year long!  Chad, Larry, and Joe have a passion for helping people sleep, and Lavish Mattress helps them achieve that every day.